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Marlinna Stringer - Owner of Standout Puzzles
Marlinna Stringer, Owner

StandOut Puzzles – Canadian art at your fingertips.

We are a new producer of high quality 750 piece jigsaw puzzles for grownups.  We are based in West Kelowna, British Columbia Canada.

The inspiration for StandOut came from a lively group of mature puzzlers at my mother’s retirement community.  These lady puzzlers expressed their desire for something new – something interesting – and something other than 1000 pieces.  I took their very specific and clearly articulated criteria, searched for the perfect puzzle, and when I realized it didn’t exist, StandOut was born.

We launched in August 2016 with 16 licensed designs from 4 standout Canadian artists and, in the past year, we have acquired 2 more Canadian artists and now have 29 designs for Fall/Winter 2017.  

Our puzzles are designed and hand-packaged in Canada and manufactured to our specifications in the USA.  We feature standout art from standout Canadian artists.

We add a packet of StandOuts™ to every puzzle. StandOuts™ are optional extra pieces that look like they fit….but do they?  Toss them in…if you dare.  For the puzzler seeking an extra challenge.

We hand-package all of our puzzles in custom paper tubes making them the most beautiful puzzles you will ever give or receive!

Marlinna Stringer, Lady Boss

We would love to hear from you!


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