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Alex Fong


British Columbia artist Alex Fong embarked on a life-long painter’s journey over 37 years ago. Today, his translucent, impressionistic paintings are distinguished by a parade of coloured flecks that he calls ‘confetti’, to represent his celebration of life. The result is an exquisite balance of spontaneity and grace. Alex’s work stirs the imagination with a kaleidoscope of light and colour, and a bouquet of wonder and whimsy.

“A child views the world with optimism and wonder. That is what I hope to accomplish with my art…I paint to make people feel good and to put a little joy into their lives.” – Alex Fong

Anita Skinner


Anita Skinner is an Okanagan artist who has studied drawing and painting most of her life.

“I love to use my own colours and
imagination, as well as tell a story in my paintings. I love the freedom of creating what comes to mind – whether it is a blue tree or a green sky. I like to create folksy images that make people smile, and even perhaps create memories. I have, over the years, painted many red trucks, rolling hills, mountains, and colourful houses. I also love to paint children playing in the snow or picking apples in an orchard.” – Anita Skinner

Amy Frank


Amy Frank is a Canadian artist from Victoria, British Columbia. Artistic expression has been an important part of Amy’s life since childhood providing her a means to express and channel her struggles with mental illness.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her teens, Amy now speaks openly about her cognitive and emotional struggles and uses her work to initiate discussions about the important and growing topic of mental illness.

Denyse Klette


At the age of 8, Denyse Klette announced to her parents that she was an artist and could now quit school to become one.

Today, Denyse’s original paintings are featured in galleries, hotels and private collections around the world. Denyse was an approved sculptor for licensed Disney characters in Canada, and has illustrated two adult colouring books. Her art is licensed for home décor, fashion and collectable items. Denyse co-created Belly Button Buddies which grew from an award-winning book to a children’s TV show airing in Canada and the UK.

Denyse lives in the country near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her husband and two dogs.

Katerina Mertikas


Katerina Mertikas (nee Patrinos) is a Canadian artist living in Ottawa, Ontario. Her work has been displayed in established Canadian galleries since 1992. Colorful, expressionistic and leaning towards a naïve whimsical style, Katerina’s paintings depict special, happy moments of children enjoying their daily lives. Since 1993, Katerina’s artwork has been a mainstay of UNICEF as well as many other organizations. Katerina was honoured with a Women of Distinction award in 1999, a United Way ‘Community Builder’ award in 2013; and in 2014, she was selected by her peers in Ottawa as ‘Woman of the Year’. As a mother of two daughters who inspired many of her paintings, she now finds a continued source of inspiration in her five grandchildren.

Sandra Silberzweig


Art is Healing….Healing is an Art As a painter of Visionary Outsider Art, Sandra Silberzweig’s artistic style reflects her lifelong struggle with Synesthesia – a complex, mysterious neurological phenomenon. She is inspired by tribal and spiritual symbolism, primitive figurative images, sacred powerful goddesses and animals.

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