Canadian Art at Your Fingertips... it's all about the art

"Canadian Art at Your Fingertips... it's all about the art"

about standout puzzles

We are a small batch producer of premium high quality jigsaw puzzles for adults. Our operations are based in West Kelowna, British Columbia Canada.

The inspiration for StandOut came from quality time spent with a lively group of ‘mature’ lady puzzlers. These ladies expressed a desire for something new; something interesting; something other than 1000 pieces. With clearly articulated criteria in hand, I searched for the perfect puzzle, and when I realized it didn’t exist, StandOut was born.

StandOut launched in 2016 with licensed artwork from Alex Fong (BC), Amy Frank (BC), Katerina Mertikas (ON) and Sandra Silberzweig (ON). In 2017, we signed on Denyse Klette (SK) and Anita Skinner (BC). 2018 welcomed Angela Morgan (BC) to the StandOut gallery in addition to several new designs from our gallery artists.

Last year was a great success and 2019 is shaping up to be one of our most beautiful yet. We welcome Brandy Masch (BC) and Sandra Dumais (QC) to our gallery this Spring. Brandy brings her unique perspective on west coast life and Sandra is an extraordinary map designer, illustrator and children’s book author.

We are actively seeking standout artists to join our gallery in 2020 and welcome all submissions. If you are an artist or want to recommend an artist, we can be reached through our contact form.

Our puzzles are produced in Canada. Our handcrafted cardboard canister packaging and standout images make our puzzles the most beautiful puzzles you will ever give or receive!

For the puzzler seeking an extra challenge, we add a packet of StandOuts in every puzzle. StandOuts are optional extra pieces that look like they belong in your puzzle… but do they? Toss them in… if you dare.

Thanks for checking us out and Happy Puzzling!

Marlinna Stringer, Owner