Angie Rees

Angie Rees is an artist currently living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Although she has painted her whole life, she sought formal training from Grant MacEwan College and the University of Alberta, where she graduated with a BFA in 1990.

Whimsical, playful, and eccentric come to mind when describing the painting style of Angie Rees. These imaginative works are extremely well-crafted, with rich surface textures and a vibrant, arresting palette. The wit and humour of her clever titles add another dimension to these ‘visual puns’. Angie’s work is widely collected and can be seen in many galleries across Western Canada.

Artist’s Statement:
Things that make me joyful, things that spark my curiosity, and things that tickle my funny bone are the things I like to paint. I’m drawn towards all things eccentric and offbeat, almost as if my brain is hardwired to notice the absurdities in life. Such weird and wonderful details are like an adrenaline boost for my imagination.
The BFA I received at the University of Alberta prioritized the formalist elements of design such as colour, texture and shape before considering the subject. These principles still profoundly inform the decisions I make today while leaning into more narrative work.

While achieving a truthful likeness is important to the foundations of my artwork, I always try to find the magic. A special little something, almost imperceptible, that goes beyond the ordinary.

Lastly, as someone who appreciates sharp and skillful wordplay, I feel that no painting is complete without the company of a cheeky, clever title. It’s the chef’s kiss.

Jacqueline Inez

Growing up Jacqueline spent many summers travelling abroad; from visiting extended family across Europe, to exploring the UK during her time studying in Lincoln, England.

Born in Montreal, QC Jacqueline moved to Guelph, ON soon after with her family where she remained until moving to Toronto to pursue a degree in History at Ryerson University. While her interest began in European History, she quickly refocused her studies on the Arts, Museum/Art Gallery Management and Collections Curation. Balancing work, school and athletics, Jacqueline began to experiment with graphic design, digital illustration and painting in her spare time.

Today Jacqueline’s paintings are informed by her encounters with architecture, nature, landscapes, people and the photographs she’s taken throughout her travels. Fused with vibrance and life, Jacqueline’s work looks to captivate the viewer with her structured compositions, bold colour palette, subtle colour blending and variety of subjects. Veering away from direct representation her work attempts to communicate the personality and energy of her subjects in a colourful and graphic way.

What began as a hobby quickly became a passion and practice for Jacqueline and today she follows in the foot steps of the artistic women in her family who have inspired her from a young age with their creativity.

Terry Ananny

Terry Marie Ananny (née Broughton) is a Canadian fine artist born in Toronto, Ontario.  She showed an early interest in art and moved to Ottawa in 1975 to attend Carleton University where she attended art classes and group showings with the Ottawa Art Association and discovered the works of the Group of Seven’s Marc A Fortin, Clarence Gagnon and Emily Carr at the National Gallery of Canada. Their work was the inspiration behind her vibrant style which continues to evolve. Terry’s subjects often feature domestic scenes, townscapes, landscapes and figurative work.

Terry Ananny’s vibrant acrylic canvases often feature children at play and Quebec seasonal village scenes which capture the spirit of Canadian life. Her works are held in many Canadian and international corporate collections. Canadian Prime Ministers, Governor Generals and the Government of Canada have collected her work over the past three decades. Her work has been reproduced on UNICEF, Make-a-Wish and Save the Children holiday cards. In 2000 her work was commissioned for a Canadian coin design in the Provincial Legends and Fables series depicting a Nova Scotian fable. Her paintings are seen in the Canadian government retreat Wilson House.

Peter Wyse

Peter Wyse was born in 1970 (The Year of the Dog) in Kamloops, British Columbia. He works from his home studio in the historic village of Clayburn, 75 km east of Vancouver. Peter shares this charming space with his wife, son and a mischievous mutt.

“I live within a landscape of dogs and frogs, flora and fauna, and even a rubber duck or two. My life is both peaceful and playful and this is what I paint.”

Peter was introduced to art at an early age through his grandfather, R.E.Walker, who schooled his grandson in the practice of painting and the discipline required by an artist. He later studied art history and fine arts at the University of British Columbia. Four years after receiving his degree, his grandfather suggested, “Time to quit your day job!” This encouragement has led to successful solo and group exhibitions in BC, Alberta and Washington State. His work is represented by galleries across Canada and is collected worldwide. Peter is a proud partner of UNICEF Canada.

Peter’s eclectic art interests range from Matisse and Rothko to the murals of Mesoamerica. These influences are evident within his spatial relationships and with his lively use of colour and line. While Peter has worked with a range of mediums, he now paints exclusively with acrylics. Insatiably curious, Peter takes great delight in the mundane, using his unique style of layering and sanding flat coats of paint to reveal how the ordinary can become extraordinary.

Laura Hamilton

As long as I can remember, I have always been a dreamer… I have always seen things in my own unique way. I grew up in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan drawing, painting and creating for hours on end. I continued to have a desire for creativeness well into high school. In my early twenties, I graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Arts Education and went on to pursue a career in teaching. I taught elementary school for almost ten years.

My figurative paintings are my own interpretations of beautiful women. These women have continued to transform as I have evolved as an artist. In the beginning these women were brave and courageous and I believed they helped me to heal. My signature female characters can now be described as playful and intriguing women with vintage dresses, striped stockings, fun floral patterns and everything in between.

Dana Irving

Drawn to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest having spent her formative years in Jasper National Park, Dana finds inspiration in both the quiet grandeur of the rainforest and in the power of the magnificent Rocky Mountains. Influenced by the painters of the 1930s including Canada’s own “Group of Seven”, Dana’s unique style has been described as “Emily Carr meets Dr. Seuss”.
Living in Canada where nature can be ignored by no one, Dana turns her artistic expression toward the spacious forests of ancient trees, emerald green rivers, mountains and the moody weather around it all. Dana is a noticeable presence in the North American art scene.

Brandy Masch

Brandy Masch was born in Kitimat, British Columbia. She received her BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (2001) in Vancouver. Brandy paints primarily in acrylic gouache, ink and watercolor. A large part of her inspiration comes from our ecosystems, issues on biodiversity, urban development and its impact on the environment. Her pieces combine flora, fauna, and mechanics in a style that is intricate, charming and slightly sinister.

Brandy’s paintings are represented in galleries across Canada.

She now resides and paints in her studio at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna.

Anita Skinner

Anita Skinner is an Okanagan artist who has studied drawing and painting most of her life.

“I love to use my own colours and imagination, as well as tell a story in my paintings. I love the freedom of creating what comes to mind – whether it is a blue tree or a green sky. I like to create folksy images that make people smile, and even perhaps create memories. I have, over the years, painted many red trucks, rolling hills, mountains, and colourful houses. I also love to paint children playing in the snow or picking apples in an orchard.” – Anita Skinner

Angela Morgan

Angela Morgan (née Harlton) lives and works in Fernie, B.C. Angela Morgan’s work celebrates humanity through the use of colour, pattern and line. Her human figures express the poses of life; the jubilation of dance, the contemplation of parenthood, and the melancholy of summer’s end. Colours fuse and meld to achieve gesture; transforming abstract images into living moments. She is represented in galleries across Canada, Switzerland and Ireland.

Denyse Klette

At the age of 8, Denyse Klette announced to her parents that she was an artist and could now quit school to become one.

Today, Denyse’s original paintings are featured in galleries, hotels and private collections around the world. Denyse was an approved sculptor for licensed Disney characters in Canada, and has illustrated two adult colouring books. Her art is licensed for home décor, fashion and collectable items. Denyse co-created Belly Button Buddies which grew from an award-winning book to a children’s TV show airing in Canada and the UK.

Denyse lives in the country near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her husband and two dogs.