Jacqueline Inez

Growing up Jacqueline spent many summers travelling abroad; from visiting extended family across Europe, to exploring the UK during her time studying in Lincoln, England.

Born in Montreal, QC Jacqueline moved to Guelph, ON soon after with her family where she remained until moving to Toronto to pursue a degree in History at Ryerson University. While her interest began in European History, she quickly refocused her studies on the Arts, Museum/Art Gallery Management and Collections Curation. Balancing work, school and athletics, Jacqueline began to experiment with graphic design, digital illustration and painting in her spare time.

Today Jacqueline’s paintings are informed by her encounters with architecture, nature, landscapes, people and the photographs she’s taken throughout her travels. Fused with vibrance and life, Jacqueline’s work looks to captivate the viewer with her structured compositions, bold colour palette, subtle colour blending and variety of subjects. Veering away from direct representation her work attempts to communicate the personality and energy of her subjects in a colourful and graphic way.

What began as a hobby quickly became a passion and practice for Jacqueline and today she follows in the foot steps of the artistic women in her family who have inspired her from a young age with their creativity.

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