Lost and Found

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Lost and Found is the 14th puzzle from BC artist Alex Fong.

As one of our founding artists, Alex has enthusiastically provided StandOut with whimsical designs since 2016.

His translucent, impressionistic paintings are distinguished by a parade of coloured flecks that he calls ‘confetti’, to represent his celebration of life. The result is an exquisite balance of spontaneity and grace. Alex’s work stirs the imagination with a kaleidoscope of light and colour, and a bouquet of wonder and whimsy.
“A Child views the world with optimism and wonder. That is what I hope to accomplish with my art…I paint to make people feel good and to put a little joy into their lives.” – Alex Fong


Lost and Found is a celebration of golf, the great Canadian beaver and lost balls everywhere.

750 random cut pieces
24″ x 18″ finished size
Super matte, velvet finish to reduce eye strain